Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i've been on my own for the better part of the day and being alone sure is boring after a couple of hours. i've watched the serials i wanted to watch, checked my mail and orkut a zillion times, even mailed some pics that id promised certain people i would mail weeks ago, bought some of the stuff i needed to buy, made attempts at cooking then gave it up cos it was too hot, i also messaged and called friends i haven't spoken to for so long that they can only be called acquaintances now! and i was forced into mopping up the kitchen because it was flooded with water dripping down from the ceiling. there is nothing more left to do. i don't even have a good book to read, except for some of my old favourites, one of which seems to have disappeared.
i miss mom. there would have been some amount of noise in the house. this silence is deafening. no i don;t want to watch tv anymore, i'm bored. nor do i feel like listening to music. i just want to have people at home.
on a slightly different note i'm wondering if i should get a gown stitched or just wear a sari for the entire wedding. i think ill look ugly and terribly pregnant in a gown. people will probably end up thinking i'm getting married because there is a baby on the way!
i'm going to go read

Saturday, May 5, 2007

NEW POST!!!!!!!! YAY

who signed in with my password and changed my cool, goth looking blog to this pink girly interface. yuck. it makes me want to retch.
i'm in chennai now. staying in this house with ac, thts the coolest part of the house... literally.
tomorrow is kavith's reception.
we had loads of fun in nagercoil, especially on the eve of her wedding. i got slightly tipsy on 2 tequilas, manoj and sajjeve had 10 and after tht all sajeeve did was ask "tell me how many ppl are coming for the spiderman movie and what time show shouikd i book." he repeated this till he fell asleep and sometime in between messaged his friend telling her to book 12 tickets for the 12th of may!!!!
anyway even kavi got drunk, but all she had was one shot, poor girl was feeling so dizzy. and all the aunts and uncles were trying to get her to feel better and not let her dad know she was tipsy. that was really cute.
we went to the waterfalls, it's so commercialised, and ppl coming there look like folks who havent had a bath in years.
what else to post now.