Saturday, July 14, 2007

diets and studies and gowns!! oh my!!

i'm writing a post without writing the title first. the title to my posts are never significant or relevant to the post anyway, so it's cool. saj told me a while ago to write about my 'diet' (which i hadnt started when we had the conversation, but i have now) so here i am writing about my diet! i started it about 2 weeks back i think, maybe 3, not entirely sure. i havent been completely successful but i'm taking the 'something is better than nothing' route here. ive given into temptation and had rice i think twice, potatoes i haven't touched and chocolates i havent given up on much yet, tht will stop soon. i am drinking a lot more water and having more veggies. i actually had snake gourd for lunch today :S i hate it. how do people manage to stick to their diets??

anyway on to other news. i've started my B.Ed classes. so far so good. it's hectic but its not too bad, as yet :) most of the teachers are great. my english method teacher is amazing. that's what a teacher ought to be like. she's encouraging, she's lots of fun and gives us a whole lot of tips that we can give children to help them remember grammar rules and poems. just makes the idea of teaching so much fun!

ive decided to go to a new seamstress for my dress cos i've been told by a whole lot of people not to go to the one ive chosen... apparently she's not that good anymore. well so i'm scouting around for a new seamstress and ive got to still gather my courage to tell the other one i won't be getting the gown she helped me design stitched by her. yeah i'm also looking out for a new gown pattern!

ive had nightmares where nothing was ready for my wedding which was i think the very next day and i hadnt got the cards printed or the gown stitiched or anything done!!!!. alright i had that nightmare just once but im afraid it might turn out to be true!!!!!

now i got to come up with a title