Saturday, December 8, 2007

2 weeks more

in exactly 2 weeks from today at this time i'll be married!!!
its a little overwhelming right now. and yes i am excited, yes i am a little nervous too. been having nightmares of cards not reaching people on time, and right now seems like tht particular nightmare is materializing

Sunday, November 25, 2007

decipher this

My house says to me, "Do not leave me, for here dwells your past."
And the road says to me, "Come and follow me, for I am your future."
And I say to both my house and the road, "I have no past, not have I a future. If I stay here, there is a going in my staying; and if I go there is a staying in my going. Only love and death change all things."

-from Sand and Foam byKhalil Gibran,

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

If I Were A Book

No this isn't one of those essays we wrote in school, it is in fact the name of a site which allows you to write or upload a novel or short story you have written. If a publisher likes it enough, your book might just get recognised.

Yes I know I haven't updated my blog. Yes I know it has been very very long since I last updated the blog, but I lead a very mundane life nothing interesting to post and yeah I've also been busy and lazy.

Alright so here goes. 1 month and 8 days left for my wedding. I've been waiting for the 'wedding day' every since I started reading fairy stories with 'happily ever after' endings. I had it all planned out in my head, the details would change over time as and when I came across different scenarios, each more romantic and fantastic than the previous one. Now my real-life wedding is fast approaching and I have realized that the focus is no longer on the big day, it's actually on the rest of my life, a life I will be sharing with a man I love deeply, and his family - a family which, after the exchange of vows, will become a new but important part of my already existing family. It's all so different from what I used to imagine a wedding or a marriage was all about. It's nice, it's a little daunting, because this is something new, but it is nice.

And yes of course I am excited about the wedding day. Which girl wouldn't be. I get a beautiful gown, new shoes, new clothes. I get makeup put on for me by someone who actually knows how to go about doing it. My hair will be done up well and hopefully, won't, by the end of the evening, be the mess I normally find it in. I'll have all the people I love and care about with me on the big day, what more could I ask for?

I am so excited that all my cousins are going to be here. It would have been awesome if certain 2nd cousins could also be here, but one is getting married and the others are not in the country :( I'm gonna miss you guys.

So that's it for now. I have exams starting on Monday and I really must start studying!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

diets and studies and gowns!! oh my!!

i'm writing a post without writing the title first. the title to my posts are never significant or relevant to the post anyway, so it's cool. saj told me a while ago to write about my 'diet' (which i hadnt started when we had the conversation, but i have now) so here i am writing about my diet! i started it about 2 weeks back i think, maybe 3, not entirely sure. i havent been completely successful but i'm taking the 'something is better than nothing' route here. ive given into temptation and had rice i think twice, potatoes i haven't touched and chocolates i havent given up on much yet, tht will stop soon. i am drinking a lot more water and having more veggies. i actually had snake gourd for lunch today :S i hate it. how do people manage to stick to their diets??

anyway on to other news. i've started my B.Ed classes. so far so good. it's hectic but its not too bad, as yet :) most of the teachers are great. my english method teacher is amazing. that's what a teacher ought to be like. she's encouraging, she's lots of fun and gives us a whole lot of tips that we can give children to help them remember grammar rules and poems. just makes the idea of teaching so much fun!

ive decided to go to a new seamstress for my dress cos i've been told by a whole lot of people not to go to the one ive chosen... apparently she's not that good anymore. well so i'm scouting around for a new seamstress and ive got to still gather my courage to tell the other one i won't be getting the gown she helped me design stitched by her. yeah i'm also looking out for a new gown pattern!

ive had nightmares where nothing was ready for my wedding which was i think the very next day and i hadnt got the cards printed or the gown stitiched or anything done!!!!. alright i had that nightmare just once but im afraid it might turn out to be true!!!!!

now i got to come up with a title

Saturday, June 9, 2007

ghana jungle hai!

work is fun! i love work, especially the sort i'm doing right now. i'm at dad's office, dad's away and left me in charge. all i got to do is pretend nothing and no one exists but me and the computer. it's not that difficult to pretend because it actually is just me and the computer and yes there is the odd table and chair and a wine rack filled with wine, good or bad i don;t know, i;m not a wine connosieur ( i think i spelt it wrong), a telephone with rings sometimes, a fridge which is empty of things that havent already gone past their prescribed shelf life, i think they are kept there so that there is something u can throw at people just incase a food fight arises. i have been instructed not to answer the phone when it rings, all i need to do is be online and do whtever it is i do online oh and make sure i lock the door when i leave. work is fun when the work ur doing isnt ur own!

in the 10 days ive been here, ive been to a national park, gone on a canopy walk that wasn't really as scary as i thought it'd be, stayed at a really good beachside hotel, ate at a restaurant that was right in the middle of a crocodile pond, just escaped being devoured by a really monstrous 4 feet long croc. drank a lot of alcohol with parents around... with parents buying the rounds :D, didnt get drunk :( seen a lot of cute guys, didnt see too many good clothes, ate kitkat dark chocolate... yummy... also ate chocolate fingers, kitkat and chocolate fingers are my favourite chocolates. got my very first wedding present, visited a casino, didnt get drunk :(
bought random nonsense, like stationery we can get for much cheaper back home, spoken to jaison everyday, its almost as if we're in bbay :P , tried to remember bdays, dad and i downed a bottle of wine in one sitting, i think he likes having a drinking partner at home! it's getting hot here. i'm going to go see if i can find the remote for the ac. out of here

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i've been on my own for the better part of the day and being alone sure is boring after a couple of hours. i've watched the serials i wanted to watch, checked my mail and orkut a zillion times, even mailed some pics that id promised certain people i would mail weeks ago, bought some of the stuff i needed to buy, made attempts at cooking then gave it up cos it was too hot, i also messaged and called friends i haven't spoken to for so long that they can only be called acquaintances now! and i was forced into mopping up the kitchen because it was flooded with water dripping down from the ceiling. there is nothing more left to do. i don't even have a good book to read, except for some of my old favourites, one of which seems to have disappeared.
i miss mom. there would have been some amount of noise in the house. this silence is deafening. no i don;t want to watch tv anymore, i'm bored. nor do i feel like listening to music. i just want to have people at home.
on a slightly different note i'm wondering if i should get a gown stitched or just wear a sari for the entire wedding. i think ill look ugly and terribly pregnant in a gown. people will probably end up thinking i'm getting married because there is a baby on the way!
i'm going to go read

Saturday, May 5, 2007

NEW POST!!!!!!!! YAY

who signed in with my password and changed my cool, goth looking blog to this pink girly interface. yuck. it makes me want to retch.
i'm in chennai now. staying in this house with ac, thts the coolest part of the house... literally.
tomorrow is kavith's reception.
we had loads of fun in nagercoil, especially on the eve of her wedding. i got slightly tipsy on 2 tequilas, manoj and sajjeve had 10 and after tht all sajeeve did was ask "tell me how many ppl are coming for the spiderman movie and what time show shouikd i book." he repeated this till he fell asleep and sometime in between messaged his friend telling her to book 12 tickets for the 12th of may!!!!
anyway even kavi got drunk, but all she had was one shot, poor girl was feeling so dizzy. and all the aunts and uncles were trying to get her to feel better and not let her dad know she was tipsy. that was really cute.
we went to the waterfalls, it's so commercialised, and ppl coming there look like folks who havent had a bath in years.
what else to post now.

Monday, March 5, 2007

4 years

Hey yesterday jais and I completed 4 years as a couple. we didnt do much yesterday since we couldnt go out. we celebrated it on saturday. it was damn nice. I had asked jais to get me flowers and he actually got me these huge flowers tht he was lugging around with him... he is normally not the romantic kind and i think he feels odd holding flowers. so anyway he got me flowers and a cake ( a small one) then took my out to a new japanese restaurant whcih was very good. we went for music and lyrics and he let me watch the movie in peace without making silly comments, and he liked the movie too tht was good, then we headed to tavern to have a couple of drinks and headed home, best anniversary ever. i love him :D


To make love with a stranger is the best
There is no riddle and there is not test

To lie and love, not aching to make sense
Of this night in the mesh of reference

To touch, unclaimed by fear of imminent day,
And understand, as only strangers may

To feel the beat of foreign heart to heart
Prefering neither to prolong nor part

To rest within the unknown arms and know
That this is all there is; that this is so.

- Vikram Seth

What do u guys think of this poem? It's one of my favourite poems. I always wonder if being unclaimed can sometimes actually be better than belonging forever

Thursday, March 1, 2007


hello all, been a while since i posted, thought i'd type out a couple of lines.
our class visited the spastic society today, i was very impressed. it's an ngo. it has about 250-260 students enrolled, most are from a low socio economic background, and 1st generation learners. the place is extremely child friendly. each child has a table and chair specially made for him or her to suit his or her need. most of the children there have cerebral palsy and some have downs and other chromosomal abnormalities. Its a place that supports inclusive education, so they try to integrate as many children as they can into normal schools and those that can't be sent to normal schools interact with regular kids who come to the spastic society once or twice a week. it's really cool. the teachers are extremely nice and so are the kids.

we've also started doing community work as part of the course, so im working with kids of construction workers. working with them is a lot of fun. we are given the opportunity to teach them whatever we wish to and in the manner that we find suitable, so it's damn cool. today i taught them to make a paper boat and they were so fascinated, they must have made atleast 15 boats in various sizes.

now for the silly irrelevant things, how many of u would cheat on ur significant other if u knew for sure they wouldnt ever find out?
what's ur favourite ice cream?
are you hungry? would u like a cheese filled pizza? would u like to lose weight and never find it ever again?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Crowd of Guests

I'm damn sleepy, was up till 3 finishing my project, but realised around this afternoon tht the journal i submitted wasnt entirely complete. anyway not much can be done now. IM sure my teacher will have some wonderful things to say to me once she has had a look at my journal.

I gave the entrance exam for the BEd course one saturday. there was this one question tht really stood out, and it went something like this :

what do you mean by ' a crowd of guests'
a. a crow flying b. a butterfly flying
c. a sparrow flying d. a bat flying

is the right answer ab, bc, cd, or bd

you guys tell me what could be the right answer, I still havent figured it out

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sanity in Insanity

Ever thought about how ironic it must be to be "mad". It's a whole bunch of contradictions. Sure many mad men ( or women) are trapped in a hell hole that exists only in their head, in their imagination but to me besides the constraints of their psyche, they are absolutely free. Does anyone ever tell a mad man to stop laughing histerically? Or to stop dancing on the road or on top of a terrace? No one ever does, we make allowances for them, just as we make allowances for children. He's crazy, it's okay if he does that, is what we say. If I start laughing loudly while sitting alone or when everyone is a tad sad, people are just gonna scold me or give me accusatory looks, making me wish the ground would open up and swallow me.
Sometimes I think I should just let the world believe I am mad, I could do exactly as I wished to!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

of lovebites and babies

This monday a bunch of girls were sporting tiny bruises on their necks and all were trying their very best not to make it obvious, but the sharp eyes of girls who don't get any and those who have given up on their husbands ever doing anything remotely sexual with them spotted these "bruises". Well big discussion happened whcih involved a lot of teasing and then the day went on as usual.
The next day, one of the married ones in my class (she is a close friend who has 2 kids) tells me "I told my husband that the girls in my class have come back from the weekend flashing love bites, we haven't ever done anything... why can't you do something like tht?" her husband turns around and tells her "how the hell do u think u had those 2 kids? through heavy petting? "

he has a point

valentine? whine-in-time?

Valentine's Day has come around again with all it's window dressing display of affection and love. On the one hand you have couples deciding to become all mushy and affectionate today (even if they haven't as much as held hand the rest of the year) and on the other hand you have sainik and bajrang dal members threatening to force couples they see sitting a little too close to each other, holding hands or coochy-cooing with each other, to get married cos that's the best way to frighten them off from embracing this WESTERN culture of public displays of affection! This coming from people who probably are cheating on their wives or visiting prostitues! What hipocrisy this whole celebration of valentine's day is.
I'm just disgusted with it all

Sunday, February 11, 2007

cheer me up

I'm depressed. Yes i am increasing post counts but i am depressed

one line post

u people should write testimonials for me on orkut, it's so empty

Saturday, February 10, 2007

okay time for a couple of megha jokes (now on called mjs)
why is tap dancing considered easy?
...coz u just turn on the tap and start dancing

two peepal trees are joined by a rope...what is that rope called?
... nokia... connection peepal :P

Blue Moon

What awesome weather! The sky is filled with clouds and the moon is still awake, peeking through them. Really nice sight to see.
I got loads of work to do, so will post later

dance like no one's watching

hey you all i had a rather uneventful day today. nothing particularly funny happened. infact rgiht now im working on a comp with no hard drive, the HDD is at jaison's place. I wanted to stay over, get tht fixed and bring it home tomorrow but mom got annoyed. anyway tht's a minor thing
i had fun at dance class today. jais and i are 2 of the worst dancers in the world, we just arent flexible, its funny to watch us dance, it's like we're doing some excercises tht requires our bodies to be absolutely rigid :P

Thursday, February 8, 2007

the pussy song

i finished all my puppets, tomorrows the submission
something funny happened in class today
we had to enact some stuff based on pictures we got, so our group had a story about a girl who wanted to keep a cat as her pet and her mom refuses to let her keep the cat at first but then allows her to keep the cat. at the end of the play the girl had to sing a jingle, she made it up and this is how it went :
look at my pussy, look at my pussy
isnt it pretty? isn't it pretty?
oh how i love my little pussy, oh how i love my little pussy
meow meow meow!!!!


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I definitely do not like puppets

It's way too much work and it's boring. ive kinda completed 3, sheena says she'll make one for me and i've yet to think of what to make for the last one.
I am really lazy
oh megs was here today and she's told me that i can put up her silly jokes on the blog

not first post anymore

Well just got back from an academically unproductive day, but had lots of fun anyway. We're having a mini exhibition of all the creative work we've done through the year. We were supposed to get all our teaching aids and creative endeavour journals and the storybooks we made and shitloads of other stuff but most of us, I think, have lost our teaching aids so there weren't so many things to put up. I'll try and take some pics of the stuff if i can, but uploading them is a whole different story since my comp has been acting funny for the past couple of months. 40gb of stuff has disappeared! I hope they can be recovered.
Anyway i got to go make puppets now, they have to be submitted on friday!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


wassup people!
1st post on my very own blog... not that i've ever posted on anyone else's blogs either :P
okay so what should i write here? any ideas? maybe i ought to save all of megs and ryan's mad jokes and post them here
lemme know