Saturday, June 9, 2007

ghana jungle hai!

work is fun! i love work, especially the sort i'm doing right now. i'm at dad's office, dad's away and left me in charge. all i got to do is pretend nothing and no one exists but me and the computer. it's not that difficult to pretend because it actually is just me and the computer and yes there is the odd table and chair and a wine rack filled with wine, good or bad i don;t know, i;m not a wine connosieur ( i think i spelt it wrong), a telephone with rings sometimes, a fridge which is empty of things that havent already gone past their prescribed shelf life, i think they are kept there so that there is something u can throw at people just incase a food fight arises. i have been instructed not to answer the phone when it rings, all i need to do is be online and do whtever it is i do online oh and make sure i lock the door when i leave. work is fun when the work ur doing isnt ur own!

in the 10 days ive been here, ive been to a national park, gone on a canopy walk that wasn't really as scary as i thought it'd be, stayed at a really good beachside hotel, ate at a restaurant that was right in the middle of a crocodile pond, just escaped being devoured by a really monstrous 4 feet long croc. drank a lot of alcohol with parents around... with parents buying the rounds :D, didnt get drunk :( seen a lot of cute guys, didnt see too many good clothes, ate kitkat dark chocolate... yummy... also ate chocolate fingers, kitkat and chocolate fingers are my favourite chocolates. got my very first wedding present, visited a casino, didnt get drunk :(
bought random nonsense, like stationery we can get for much cheaper back home, spoken to jaison everyday, its almost as if we're in bbay :P , tried to remember bdays, dad and i downed a bottle of wine in one sitting, i think he likes having a drinking partner at home! it's getting hot here. i'm going to go see if i can find the remote for the ac. out of here