Thursday, March 1, 2007


hello all, been a while since i posted, thought i'd type out a couple of lines.
our class visited the spastic society today, i was very impressed. it's an ngo. it has about 250-260 students enrolled, most are from a low socio economic background, and 1st generation learners. the place is extremely child friendly. each child has a table and chair specially made for him or her to suit his or her need. most of the children there have cerebral palsy and some have downs and other chromosomal abnormalities. Its a place that supports inclusive education, so they try to integrate as many children as they can into normal schools and those that can't be sent to normal schools interact with regular kids who come to the spastic society once or twice a week. it's really cool. the teachers are extremely nice and so are the kids.

we've also started doing community work as part of the course, so im working with kids of construction workers. working with them is a lot of fun. we are given the opportunity to teach them whatever we wish to and in the manner that we find suitable, so it's damn cool. today i taught them to make a paper boat and they were so fascinated, they must have made atleast 15 boats in various sizes.

now for the silly irrelevant things, how many of u would cheat on ur significant other if u knew for sure they wouldnt ever find out?
what's ur favourite ice cream?
are you hungry? would u like a cheese filled pizza? would u like to lose weight and never find it ever again?


Ryan W.F. said...

oh no! i typed a whole list that disappeared...
i asnwered all your questions there...this internet explorer is bad!

littlemuch said...


Ryan W.F. said...

no re im not lying!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan W.F. said...

ok ok i write it again k
1) not me!
2) chocolate with nuts and marshmallows...i think its rocky road!
3) not hungry
4) only cheese? nothing else?
5) of all the things ive lost...weight is the only one faithful enough to come matter how much i wish i would find the rest i never do!

Shadow in the Moonlight said...

the community work sounds like fun... those kids do attend school right? Education is a must...
now for the answers
* I hope I never ever do that...
* Hot chocolate fudge or with chocolate chips in it
* I just had lunch....
* I would love any pizza (except the ones with seafood topping).
* funny question... I know I do not want to gain any more weight.