Saturday, February 10, 2007

dance like no one's watching

hey you all i had a rather uneventful day today. nothing particularly funny happened. infact rgiht now im working on a comp with no hard drive, the HDD is at jaison's place. I wanted to stay over, get tht fixed and bring it home tomorrow but mom got annoyed. anyway tht's a minor thing
i had fun at dance class today. jais and i are 2 of the worst dancers in the world, we just arent flexible, its funny to watch us dance, it's like we're doing some excercises tht requires our bodies to be absolutely rigid :P


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

hey tina, I got this great idea.. why don't you guys dance for the Laendler, its that austrian folk dance that comes in Sound of Music, just learn it from teh video and you can download the song, and after you dance for a while, the rest of the cousins can join in, we all will learn it... its a beautiful dance!!!!

Ryan W.F. said...

hey tina...why don't you and jason just do tap dancing?! haha..
anyway how do you use a computer without a hdd?? doesnt it need the hdd to boot???

Megha said...

hahhahaha, man, i cant wait to see u two dance....not ina bad way...just cant wait...:D